Carbon Dioxide Extinguishers


Carbon Dioxide is the trusted “clean agent” that gives fast and safe protection for sensitive equipment. It is the right choice for virtually all industrial hazards where flammable liquids, gases and energized electrical fires may be present. These extinguishers are effective on class B and C fires.



Available in a range of size from 5 to 20-pound capacity. When very large hazards require additional protection, wheeled extinguishers are also available.



Badger carbon dioxide fire extinguishers are easy to use. Our rugged, easy-squeeze hand-operated, metal valve assembly allow for quick response to a fire. Liquid carbon dioxide, under pressure, is discharged as particles of “snow” and leaves no messy residue.


  • Features a lightweight alloy aluminum cylinder.
  • Attractive epoxy coating effective against corrosion.
  • Easy-squeeze hand-operated, forged brass nickel/chrome plated valves.
  • Long-lasting nickel/chrome plated brass valve with stainless steel handle and lever.
  • O-ring seal. Straight-thread design.
  • Maximum performance at both high and low temperature extremes.
  • Extinguisher resists dents and punctures.
  • Rugged, stainless steel hose and horn bracket brand.
  • Lengthy 5-year interval between hydrotests.